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Slam Bam Afghanistan


Slam Bam Afghanistan
Man say he got a plan
Go after the Taliban
Man Plan Afghanistan.

Taliban flee the Devil Man
Head out on the lam
Refuge in Pakistan
Man Stan Taliban.

War Lords focus on a plan
Grow the poppy on their land
Taliban gone no more ban
Grand Plan Pakistan.

Fields of poppy cross the land
All they way to Iran
World high on Afghan Brand
Devil Plan Devil Man.

War On Drugs who gives a damn?
We got them gone that Taliban
Gone from Afghanistan
Damn Man Damn Plan.

Taliban in Pakistan
Poppy in Afghanistan
Soldiers dyin in that span
Dyin for Poppystan.

Taliban back in Afghanistan
Come home to make a stand
War Lords now in command
Devil Plan Afghanistan.

Ain’t it grand Ain’t it grand
That whole damn Devil Plan
Make Afghanistan Poppystan
Taliban in Afghanistan
Ain’t it grand Ain’t it grand.

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