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Short Takes: November 2013



Murder and Marinara: An Italian Kitchen Mystery

Rosie Genova

Signet, 2013, $7.99

Who hasn't wanted to murder a reality TV producer? Author Victoria Rienzi heads home to her family's Jersey Shore eatery, helping out in Nonna's kitchen while she researches a historical saga. But there's a reality series sniffing around, and its noxious producer drops dead after dinner at the Casa Lido. Whodunnit, and what's for dessert? Yes, this delicious series launch includes recipes. Bravissima! Reading and Cookbook Club potluck 11/15 at Golden Notebook, Woodstock.



Pardee Holler

Roland Keller

SUNY Press Excelsior Editions, 2013, $19.95

Imagine, a rapacious developer wants to build a multimillion dollar resort in the Catskills, and faces resistance from locals! The shamelessly named Deyl MacGreedy orchestrates a public relations coup: a big parade at his racetrack, televised on the local TV station he's bought. But someone's planted explosives in sabotage, and Albany sleuth Easy Taylor must figure out who. Was it the hillbilly peacock-whisperer, the shapely veterinarian, or somebody else?



Indigo: Ink to Blood

Alan Brooks

Chips & Ink/Ruminari, 2013, $14.99

A young woman wakes up covered in Asian tattoos, with no memory of how they got there—or her own name. The Harlem jazz musician who rescued her names her after a Nina Simone tune; his righteous mom helps her cover her tats with theatrical makeup. But the ink in her skin has transformative powers—if she stares at a tattooed crow, she becomes the crow—and a creepy assassin cult wants it back. Original and fast-paced, Indigo will mesmerize teens and urban fantasy fans.



Halley & Me

Sandra Gardner

Evening Street Press, 2013, $16

Lake Hill resident Gardner won the Grassic Short Novel Prize for this glowing novella, which starts at a family funeral and flashes back to the devastating summer of 1959, when 13-year-old Sarah still idolized her two-years-older cousin, the glamorous rule-breaker Halley. By summer's end, they've stopped speaking forever, and Sarah has learned some hard lessons about emotional violence and the cruel twists of family connections.Appearing 11/2 at 2pm, Golden Notebook, Woodstock.



Terrence McCauley

Airship 27 Productions, 2012, $16.99

The 1930s roar back to life in this hardboiled "new pulp" thriller. Irish Mob boss Archie Doyle rules Manhattan's West Side with two iron fists, and somebody's trying to gun him down. Could be the Jewish gangsters from the East Side, or one of a million crooked cops and corrupt pols who'd love to see Doyle dead. McCauley revels in period detail, from Hell's Kitchen gin joint to Dutchess County getaway. With stylish noir illustrations by Rob Moran and Rob Davis.



Murder & Mayhem in Ulster County

A.J. Schenkman & Elizabeth Werlau

History Press, 2013, $19.99

Sometimes fact trumps fiction. Meet 250-pound cross-dressing thug Sarah Long, deaf ax murderer Levi Bodine, notorious Kingston saloonkeeper Hannah Markle, Big Bad Bill the "Gardiner Desperado," and other 19th-century badasses who spurred a New York Herald reporter to dub this locale "Ulcer County." Be warned: One murderer was known to have "an unhealthy fascination with crime novels and 'flash literature.'" Appearing 12/2 at 7pm, Lloyd Historical Society.

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