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September 2020 Astrology Forecast

Starts with a Smolder, Ends With a Bang



September begins on a positive note, with the Full Moon in Pisces September 1, and Mercury in Virgo trine Pluto in Capricorn. This harmonious healing energy facilitates reconciliation, deep emotional understanding, and powerfully transformative words of healing and hope. Take advantage of this transit in your personal life and relationships, because by the end of September 2020's long-smoldering powder keg of frustration is ignited into a public-facing conflagration.

Mars, planet of war, conflict, and aggression stations retrograde on September 9 in his home sign of Aries, where he'll be traveling "backward" until November 13, just days after the elections. Retrograde Mars will be forming intense, aggressive, challenging squares to Jupiter, Pluto, and Saturn in status-quo loving Capricorn between now and November. The "feminine Mars," asteroid Eris, also in Aries, brings "angry women" to the forefront of the social revolution.

All of 2020's issues—a raging viral pandemic, deception and denial from the highest places of government, jackbooted federal storm troopers, nationwide protests against racial and social injustices—are addressed via fed-up women's voices on the spectrum between righteous indignation and rage.

Jupiter in Capricorn stations direct September 12, on his way to the final of the three 2020 conjunctions with Pluto November 12, and his big conjunction in December with Saturn, also stationing direct September 28.

Public outrage is triggered at Mercury's square to Pluto with Moon in Scorpio September 20, when secret power-plays among the elite are exposed; Mercury's square to Saturn and opposition to Mars September 23-24 demand justice for the oppressed. Ignoring smoldering resentments and denying personal responsibility results in the big bang of retrograde Mars square Saturn September 29, audible throughout the rest of 2020. Gather your beloveds, cover your ears, and prepare to stand your ground behind the barricades.

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