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So—what good is fear? I mean obsessive fear, anxiety, worry, and panic? What purpose has it served during the past few seasons, besides providing a way to burn up energy? I know these emotions are rampant, and they're unusually considered something that cannot change. Now, one option is that you can compromise with fear, which will basically leave you stuck. Or you can take a stand within yourself. Fear is actually a toxic form of desire, and the antidote to fear is clear, bold desire. Like many things, I know this logic is reversed by the world (such as, "if I were only unafraid, I could allow myself to desire"). Yet it's easy to see that this is self-defeating. Desire is the starting point. Consider the outcome you want in any situation. This is the most important factor. Once you know that, the steps and the logic leading to it will become clear. If the steps do not become obvious, go back to your stated decided outcome, consider it carefully, and make sure it's what you want, and make sure it's described in a legible way. Make sure there are no hidden compromises involved. What you're about to discover is that you want more from life, and to accomplish that, you must be willing to admit that it's true.

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