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For June 2013


Last Updated: 03/01/2019 4:44 am

Religion seems to have taken over both national and international politics, if one could go so far as to describe the crude ideological stampeding as religious. The resulting controversies are seemingly endless. Yet the need to express one's faith is inherent in humanity, and it will always take some form, whether healthy or not. You may be feeling this calling now. From the look of your astrology, my observation is that it's coming from a visceral level, not the level of ideas. You are beginning to feel your inherent truth, or to go deeper into a journey already begun, perhaps around 2001. Where this matter is concerned, the first question is who and what you serve. Bob Dylan was right: We all serve someone. It's merely a question of whom, and for what motive. Your faith has the power to nourish others, something you've no doubt seen at work many times. Notice your ability to draw from a deep inner source, to allow yourself to be filled up, and then to offer what you have to the people around you. There is another way this could play out, though—by experiencing your generosity, you deduce that you have something to give, and in doing so, recognize that you're in contact with the source of whatever that is. An image borrowed from Aquarius comes to mind—you're now a kind of water bearer, though the urn is self-filling. Offer what you have to those who are thirsty. There are few better ways to learn compassion and humility.

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