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For June 2011


We’re familiar with the concept of relationship as mirror. What about mirror as relationship? Part of why mirror as relationship is uncomfortable for many involves areas of gender that are distinctly taboo. Most of us openly crave being mirrored by the opposite gender. That is supposedly normal, but devoting one’s life to “the other” can have a way of eschewing a fundamental encounter with self. Within this drama, many crave being mirrored by someone of the same gender, though in a different person. An aspect of the pleasure of this, in part, is that it brings us a little closer to ourselves. Another is that it sets us free of so much conditioning that relationship has to be heterosexual—a struggle that many who are out as queer still have to address on a daily basis. I know I’m writing about this in a horoscope, but we’re talking about sensitive inner territory here, and it’s usually thrown behind all kinds of veils. For example, how many people who have bisexual desires dare to write them in their diary, fearing that someone will find them when they die? While we cannot remove the taboo on erotic or relational matters, it is possible to enter the taboo and explore it, which is to say, explore yourself. For the moment, you may consider the whole matter of gender and sexual identity to be entirely flexible. Everything is optional. Every option is open. It’s all good, the better for getting your feelings into the open where you can figure that out directly.

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