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For May 2011


Last Updated: 02/17/2019 3:58 am

You’re probably getting tired of working so much—and it seems like a new horizon in a relationship is opening up. I would just offer you a word of caution about one thing. At the moment, you’re becoming aware what a multifaceted person you are. This has always been true, though you’re likely to be feeling its true potential now, as you open up to being a full-spectrum human. The relationship situation that might seem so appealing has the potential to limit this nascent awareness that you’re developing. So if you choose to get involved with someone, or take a situation to a deeper level, make sure that you bring your diversity with you. You’re under no obligation to be less of a person so that someone else doesn’t feel threatened. This simply doesn’t work; I’m not saying that from theory, I’m speaking from experience, and not just my own. Therefore, don’t make any promises you aren’t sure you can keep, even if they get you something you want. Be cautious if you think you’re compromising your values system for a good cause. It won’t be long before you figure out that you’re boxed in. At the moment, you’re only at the beginning of your journey of self-expression. I suggest you guard your freedom carefully. Remember that there are concepts of relationship other than the ones that insist you have to give up a piece of who you are as the price of admission. Where you want to be is the place where your whole existence is welcome.

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