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For April 2012



Scorpio (October 23-November 22)
As you know, we live in a culture obsessed with image, too often lacking any expression of what is real or meaningful. Anytime you try to make an impression on someone, or lead them to believe something about you, stop and ask yourself why. Image is powerful, even dangerous, and for you this power must be applied to honest and worthy causes. Given that you stand at a major signpost of your life, it’s time to inquire: Who or what do your actions serve? Mars stationing direct (after a long retrograde which began in January) in an angle of your chart that includes the themes of service and your vision for your life is a reminder that (in the words of Dylan) you’re gonna serve somebody (or something). That fact you cannot alter, though you get to decide what that something is, based on your true values. I don’t just mean what might be external to you—I mean searching your depths for what you want to offer to the world. Mars retrograde in Virgo has infused your traditional ruling planet with all of the properties of that sign: attention to detail, devotion to healing, tempering aggressive impulses (particularly toward yourself), and the integration of your masculine and feminine sides. And then there is the famous Virgo theme of devotion to something beyond yourself. Yet what this really suggests is that you’re expanding your concept of yourself and can now bring together many elements of life you might have thought were separate.

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