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For November 2012


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Scorpio (October 23-November 22)

On November 13, there’s a total solar eclipse in your birth sign, the first in more than nine years. Though there are numerous other factors influencing you this month, this by far is the most significant. Eclipses are about shifts in continuity, sometimes subtle, sometimes radical. I would say they represent “change,” but these days that’s a meaningless word. It’s a special kind of change, involving things that have gone on so long you’ve taken them for granted. This could include emotional patterns, certain facts about your sexuality, and, most significantly, the ways you communicate with yourself and others. Your charts present an image of you passing through what would normally be a “veil of forgetfulness,” only this time, you remember who you are. Not only that, you remember the support, love, and trust that surrounds you, much of it coming from far beyond the Earthly realm. Yet in the aspect of your life that’s located here on Earth, one implication is that you’re experiencing the drive to rebuild your integrity. It may be painful, at first, to consider the ways that your words and actions have not been in alignment—then, after a while, you’ll figure out that every time you discover one of these fractures is an opportunity to make amends with yourself and, by extension, with others. It will help if you come to terms with the fact that, for many years, not everything you’ve believed was true. And that, you will discover, is very good news.


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