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For January 2011



SCORPIO (October 23-November 22)

While few would call you meek, there is a thin line between a man and a mouse. Remember that if you hear yourself state some of what you want rather than all of it; if you express part of what you feel rather than your actual feeling; or if you censor yourself because you're worried what someone might think. Speaking from the core of your values will get results—indeed, results far beyond what you ever expected. It's also true that to the extent that you have not had the results you wanted, you were denying something you know is true at your core.

I recognize that this is an ongoing quest, and yet it takes on particularly strong meaning this year—and will do so increasingly.

One thing you seem to be figuring out is how toxic guilt is. That is a discovery worthy of the Nobel Prize for Chemistry. The question then shifts to: Once you get clear about that fact, and you discover that the opposite of guilt is love, what is the most loving action to take? Guilt supports many other seemingly unrelated thought systems and ways of organizing reality. When you divest your loyalty from guilt, those thought systems can collapse—that is, within your own psyche—and you may for a moment have the sensation of having no bearings.

You obviously want to make changes in your immediate environment. You need a more passionate, alive, and exciting climate in which to work and play. You need the rules of life to reflect current reality rather than what reality is "supposed to" be. Your environment will, over and over, send you this message. It may come in the form of "unplanned" disruption to things that were not working for you. You may discover that you're extremely restless or fed up with your life and need to try something different. If you do, this experiment will be a potent source of vitality for you. In short, everything about your chart describes a person craving the unfamiliar.

Don't worry so much about others. They each have their own agenda, and they care less about what you do with your time and energy than you think. But whether you allow yourself to be free comes back to the question of guilt, which is why I suggest you become genuinely clear with yourself about this. Sanity is freedom. You need both.

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