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For February 2011


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SCORPIO (October 23-November 22)

Emotional discipline does not necessarily come easily to a Scorpio, but at the moment your peace of mind and much else depends upon it. You may be inclined toward dark thoughts about yourself, at the same time rapidly developing situations in your household or family demand that you be fully present. Clearly, this is a time to leave your suspicions in the past and remember that you're not the center of the universe. You are, however, capable of being the center of your own life; but only if you're centered. And that is the position from which you can be most useful to yourself and to the people who are depending on you for love, guidance, and a vision of what life is about. I suggest you focus on the positive, and see the opportunity in everything. You may feel that's not possible, but I challenge you to question how serious what you perceive is wrong actually is. If in the event that you are feeling some form of grief or disturbance, communicate that directly in a way that is not intended to cause additional disturbance. This would only come back to you. The solution you seek starts with you, and that, in turn, starts with being honest about how you feel—and discerning why you feel that way. If you look through polarizing filters, it will seem like a matter of right or wrong. If you look through the lens of psychology, you will see opportunities for healing past hurts and mistrust.

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