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Scorpio: A Hudson Valley Horoscope for May 2018



SCORPIO (October 23–November 21)

Uranus taking up residence in your opposite sign will keep you on your feet, dancing the tango and the twist. Lasting seven years, this transit will present you with the kinds of situations you might like to avoid, yet which will be impossible merely to dodge or wish away. Such experiences may span from whatever is happening in society that will soon shake your windows and rattle your walls, to your most intimate ties that bind. Taken on the deepest personal level, one message of this transit is to make sure that you give your intimate partners space to change, to learn and to grow. This would also embrace creative and business partners; and it would describe your environment in general. You're being summoned to take a more daring, inventive and even revolutionary approach to art, to love and to life; and the more you resist, the higher the stakes will seem. Here's one way to consider the shift in dynamic: One of the ways you typically deal with change is to get others to do things your way; you use your considerable gravity to bend things in your direction. Uranus will have none of that. You will therefore need to master this energy, and do something we both know you're capable of: Be flexible; and when challenged, come up with a better idea—much better.

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