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For June 2011


Last Updated: 02/28/2019 2:10 pm
Jupiter busts a move this month—heading into Taurus for a 13-month visit. Jupiter in Taurus has a nice feeling, introducing some open-ended potential to the solid nature of Taurus, and grounding the fleeting energy of Sagittarius in something solid. The theme of this transit is wellbeing. I like the Spanish word better: bienestar. Think of Jupiter as your star of wellbeing; your bienestar. Here’s a quick rundown of what you might do with that. There are habits you want to break; Jupiter will give you attractive alternatives that don’t skimp on the pleasure. There are habits you want to form, and you want them to be good for you. One key element is shifting work from something you have to do to something that is nourishing. Though commitment may be involved, the most significant step is being in an environment where you can develop your talents. That’s the thing to aim for and that’s the thing that’s likely to happen if you do. Put another way, you need room to expand. Sagittarius is all about space: having your space, taking your space, and for that matter all the weird things that exist in outer space. Sagittarius is about knowledge. Go places where your knowledge is valued, and where you get to experience it specifically as an asset. These things are habits, as are the opposite tendencies, which I will not list here. Start a little at a time, for example, by knowing when your environment is welcoming of you and acknowledging that.

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