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For April 2011


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Sagittarius (November 22-December 22)

An old friend named Marion once told me: There are no mistakes in drumming. He was a really fantastic drummer, and that gave his idea credibility. Not only are there no mistakes in your creative process, what you think of as a mistake is a kind of deviation that might guide you someplace truly interesting. At some moments this will seem like a straightforward process. At others it might seem circuitous. Where others come into the picture you have to be a little more careful, and it’s pretty clear that someone is involved in your creative process, possibly as a lover or muse. There’s an element of mischief—such as someone knocking on your door when they know you’re busy, seducing you at an inopportune moment (even if only to the movies), and generally provoking your child self to be fully present. If I had to call the theme of the next month, that would be it—paying full attention to the little kid you know you are inside. Like all kids, yours needs some adult supervision, but you can do that in a way that is specifically not parental—more like an uncle, aunt, or older cousin. Listen to the brilliant things that little kid comes out with intuitively. Make sure you take some time and play. This child is someone you’re always wanting to make contact with and now you have a chance to explore. Just remember, there are no mistakes in drumming.

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