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Sagittarius for June 2016

Sagittarius (November 22-December 22)



You are being taken on a tour of what might be called your underlying motives. You are tapping into the deeper level of your feelings. What you may be noticing is that they don't quite jive with your image. Neither do they blend well with your conditioning, which other factors in your solar chart are insisting you come to terms with. If you are experiencing any conflict, consider the relationship between these two layers of your psyche. First there is the inner you, driven by passion, a sense of mystery, incessant curiosity, and vibrant sexuality. Then there is the outer you, which seems to need space and independence, yet is often caked in a layer of fear that's difficult to penetrate. Now, at least, you have the impetus to move from the inside out. Your core motives, necessities, and desires are speaking to you, growling and groaning and insisting that you take notice. Here is what I propose, for your consideration. You have nobody you must impress, most particularly your parents or some visage of them (the priest, rabbi, lawyer, or insurance company among others). There is no outer authority you must obey. You may govern yourself with decency, empathy, and a sense of balance, but you don't need to serve or have the approval of any external master. You are, therefore, free to respond to your actual self.

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