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Sagittarius for June 2015



Sagittarius (November 22-December 22)

If you added it up, you would be surprised how much time you spend solving the problems of others. By that I mean people you know are in your environment, and people who lived on Earth before you (parents and other ancestors). By problems, I mean their hang-ups; their anxieties; the things they didn't resolve. Their regrets over the experiences they didn't have. Right now life is offering you many people, places and things to explore. Some of them will approach you; others you must take a small chance and reach out to. You will also have to sort out which of them is friendly, or a positive influence. You may encounter a kind of ambiguity that will, in itself, be seductive. The thing that you're prepared to do that many people in the past could not handle is to embrace variables, unknowns and mixed signals, and not have your mind explode. Take a light approach and listen to what people say; notice how their story changes. Notice how they really feel underneath the story. As you do this you will make some interesting observations about yourself. For example, an overload of small talk may remind you that you really have some ambitious plans for what to do with your talent. You have no need to be deterred by the ways in which others fall short of their own potential.

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