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Rocket Number Nine: Records in Uptown Kingston


Last Updated: 04/26/2018 2:02 pm

Over his 22-year career at Sony Music, Doug Wygal had a front-row seat for trends in the industry. The writing on the wall was clear: Vinyl would make a comeback. As a lifelong musician with a history in record retail, Wygal welcomed this news. "I always wanted to have a record store of my own. Ten years ago, I saw licensing and manufacturing of vinyl picking up," he says. So in 2014, he took the leap and purchased Wright Gallery Records in Uptown Kingston. After a month of renovations, he reopened as Rocket Number Nine Records. "I have a lot of people that come in weekly, and a handful that come in daily because I am constantly looking for records and updating the selection," Wygal says. "It's always a challenge to keep used inventory fresh and bring in new titles, but I do it every day." While he does go to record shows and flea markets, Wygal primarily buys from individuals. "I really believe in being fair as a buyer and paying people what records are worth." Rocket Number Nine sells every format across all genres from soul to psychedelic to classical, from $1 up. "You never know what will turn up, so record stores become a meeting place for like-minded people looking for that next thing. Being a collector myself, finding a great record is like hitting gold. I can't wait to get it back to the store." 

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