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Dubbed "Tibet in the Catskills," Menla is a project of the Dalai Lama's nonprofit organization, Tibet House US. The beautiful, pastoral retreat center sits on 325 acres of mountains, woodlands, and streams in Phoenicia. Part resort, part retreat center, Menla offers a rejuvenating, centering, and comfortable experience, whether you are there for a personal getaway or for one of the contemplative, restorative workshops guided by world-renowned instructors.


Knowing that sleep and a good meal is foundational to any deepening practice, Menla offers bright, well-appointed accommodations with stunning Tibet-inspired furnishings for individuals, couples, and groups. The hearty, health-supportive meals served daily are made using farm-fresh organic ingredients. Menla’s culinary philosophy is simple, healthy, and focuses on protein-rich vegan and vegetarian cuisine. Anyone familiar with health expert Anthony William will be interested to hear that Menla is beginning to offer programs on his healing approach and intends to more fully integrate his principles in their regular menus.


Looking to release the tension of city living, work, and family responsibilities? Dewa, Menla’s world-class healing spa, offers a blend of eastern and western treatments, ranging from KuNye, a traditional Tibetan massage, to herbal baths, facials, vibrational sound therapy, and Shirodhara, an Ayurvedic treatment. Dewa also has saunas and steam rooms to stimulate your immune system and eliminate toxins.


The lush campus offers miles of hiking trails, a swimming pool and fitness center, yoga classes, a conference center, and a meditation sanctuary, so you can custom-design your perfect soul-nourishing getaway. Or choose from one of Menla's packages, like the signature Cleanse Getaway, which is offered each season and aims to teach you to detox with nutrition, better sleep, and restored energy through meditation, steam/sauna, yoga, and well-being activities.


Menla also curates a rich range of retreats across a wide variety of topics and modalities. An introduction to the Tibetan Science of Healing will be held on June 14-16, giving participants a weekend immersion into the fundamentals and practical application of Tibetan medicine. The following two weeks will be dedicated to training in KuNye, traditional Tibetan massage.

The Lifestyle Reset Immersion, June 25-30, offers a chance to step away from your hectic daily reality and relax, recharge, and re-establish healthy, restorative habits. The retreat blends the therapeutic beauty of nature with the calming practices of meditation and yoga, the deep rejuvenation of spa treatments, and the transcendent power of sound healing for an energizing week-long getaway.

Groups can also book Menla as a venue for their own retreats. For a full list of retreats and other offerings visit

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