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Redemption Songs

Aaron Freeman



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This month Freeman, back under the Gene Ween name, will play two concerts of all Billy Joel songs. "I love Billy Joel—I guess it's an East Coast thing," he explains as talk turns to his newfound sobriety. "Anyone getting sober should be prepared for judgment, because most people don't understand addiction. They think everyone can just have one or two drinks and then stop. But that's not the case for someone like me. You have to know your limits. I had to really sacrifice a lot in order to make a change. I'm really lucky to be where I am."

"Gene Ween Does Billy Joel," featuring the Paul Green Rock Academy, will take place at the Bearvsille Theater on April 10 at 8pm. Tickets are $20-$45. For more information, call

(845) 679-4406 or visit

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