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Rebecca Purdum: Every Day Painting

When: Nov. 7-Dec. 6

Contemporary abstract paintings. Rebecca Purdum writes: I often think about a conversation I had with three friends who are all painters. We tossed around the idea that artists might just paint one painting throughout their lives, the same painting over and over, no matter how different the individual works appear. Only the artist knows if this is true. My experience in the studio has taught me that despite their similarities, each painting is unique, like a minute in an hour, an hour in a day, a day in a year. They add up to a lifetime of surrendering to the painting every day in the studio. One friend then said he thought we’re all painting the same painting. I like this idea. In fact it has helped me through the ups and downs of facing a blank canvas. I like thinking that our artistic efforts connect and propel us toward the one timeless, changeless thing we call Art."

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