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Poughkeepsie on Tap Slideshow 

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See more of our exclusive tour of the Mill House Brewing Company
OF 15
The popular All American Burger
Dan Crocco insists we see the kitchen.
Thomas Smith
Our first stop was a fridge filled with fresh sausages.
Thomas Smith
Bill Santoro grinds a new batch of sausages
Thomas Smith
How to make sausage
Thomas Smith
Dan Crocco coils the sausage as Bill Santoro cases it.
Thomas Smith
Licia Kassim takes a fresh tray of beer bread out of the oven.
Thomas Smith
Chris Crocco (left) and Eric Baxter two of the founders of MHBC take us into the beer room
Thomas Smith
Chris Crocco and Eric Baxter in the beer room
Thomas Smith
Thomas Smith
Christian Astorga pours wine
Chris Crocco, General Manager, on the floor
Thomas Smith
Chris and Dan Crocco take a break from their friendly banter.
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