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Last Updated: 08/19/2015 1:11 pm

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This was abundantly clear in their making a historic decision defining a planet for the first time with nearly no data about what the Pluto-Charon system actually is.

Bringing Awareness Back to Pluto

If you've been following my somewhat obsessive media studies program the past six months, you're familiar with the idea that a TV camera or microphone is an extension of our senses. The same is true for a robotic spacecraft sent to a distant world. More than delivering information to us, we are taken there, to get a closer look.

Now humanity is getting its first real look at Pluto, which works as a metaphor as well. Considering that from an archetypal viewpoint, our senses and minds are being presented with something new being revealed about something old. We are getting to see, and in truth experience, Pluto with much greater clarity. This will precipitate an effect in consciousness—or rather it's already doing so.

In mythology, Pluto is said to wear a helmet of invisibility, and take people hostage to the world of death. We have, at least, discerned that Pluto is about a lot more than that, at least potentially. Pluto is no longer invisible. We know it's there and we can see it clearly. That is progress.

With clear images of Pluto we can look at the death aspect and also learn about the other things that it represents. We would go a long way toward having clear thoughts and a real discussion about, for example, the evolutionary power of sex.

Connected to that is the Plutonic subject matter of clearing away all the emotional debris that interferes with intimacy: jealousy, control, guilt, fear of surrender, obsession, and more.

We could go a long way toward coming out of denial of our need for change, and of the influences that drive us to change.

When it comes to addressing these things, looking at Pluto with open eyes and from an astonishingly close distance can only help. The whole "Neptune as the edge of reality" thing was not working—for example, we have no business getting our sex education or reproductive health policy from fundamentalist religious bigots. Belief can seem like the ultimate reality, but in truth it's nothing of the kind.

Said another way, on the most important issues of existence, those bottom lines of sex, death, and change, we need some clear boundaries. If astrology means anything, our view of Pluto will help us with exactly that.

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