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Poem: Wikipedia Birthday Song


at this exact moment, I have been
twenty-five for twenty-four minutes
and I learned something, just now

Kim Jong-il is afraid to fly
he’ll only go by train, to visit
Putin or go see a movie, maybe
one starring Elizabeth Taylor
(his favorite)

and of course this makes me think
of that birthday card you made me
on purple construction paper, with
the picture of Kim’s grinning face

you wrote: happy b-day from terrorist North Korea!!

and maybe at this exact moment
he’s out there somewhere, riding
on a fast and quiet train, having
live lobsters flown in, dreaming
about basketball
and golf

and I’m right here, just sitting
and you’re over there, wherever
that is (probably Yonkers, NY)
and all three of us are worrying,
because we’ve been having a lot
of bad dreams lately, and we’re
wondering what it means

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