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Poem: Tragedy




Beautiful flowers were in a basket,
the tears rolled down my face
they closed the casket.

The family cried in confusion and agony,
the death was such a terrible tragedy.

I couldn't believe it as I rave,
that he is not in that grave.

I miss him like crazy,
the thought of him will never get hazy.

The whole family in disarray,
we were wishing he could always stay.

The death a nightmare—a horror,
that couldn't stand daylights glare.

My emotions change like a roller coaster,
sometimes upset,
sometimes angry,
sometimes confused.

I couldn't wrap my head around it,
I can't believe it.

The loss took time to understand,
the event was so terribly unplanned.

As the time passed I'm numb,
I hope the pain will eventually succumb.

—Jessica Lynn Carter (14 years)

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