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Poem: To JL, After The Death of His Brother


Last Updated: 08/13/2013 3:37 pm
See him safely across. Buoyed in light,
Bobbing along in a raging sea of fear,
This one will not be lost.
He rides on the love of his companions.
Lend him courage, faith. Arm him with
The protection of fearlessness. Yours.
Only a few things are impervious.
Love is one of them.

Regret devours. Eats away at flesh.
Do not let it.
Sadness tears away at our hearts.
Wind, ripping off our coats.
Say no.
There is no escape from suffering.
Death stalks us all our lives.
But there is a remedy.
Call it resurrection. Call it refusal.
Call it love.
Call it clearly, for all to hear,
A jewel that sings from the heart.
Breath in your faith, let it spill over
Your shoulders and out into the universe.
If you have no faith, breath compassion.
Compassion lights the darkest way,
Calms the ocean of doubt.
Love still conquers all.


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