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Poem: This Fire


This fire is a dangerous fire.
Love and lust kindle this fire.
Sunshine on your snowy mountain
calls you to this fire.
The seeds of an ancient tree
are in this fire.
The kiss of the chainsaw
is in this fire.
Strong hands that gripped
onto roughness
and lifted the trunk
off the forest floor
and into the truck
wanting satisfaction
are in this fire.
Imaginings of the future
are in this fire.
The choice to offer oneself
for heartache
is in this fire.
a necessary seasoning,
smolders in the coals
of this fire
all while we signal
smoke dreams
scented with longing—
Come closer
where you are wanted,
where you are sparked
by your life,
where you cry out
for the arms
of this tree,
ready to burn.

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