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Poem: The Gun Range Has Been Silent


The Gun Range Has Been Silent

the gun range has been silent
these past few days
I know, in 1977
my father's friend
(he had a name)
was tagged for death
by a KKK truck bed man
who used a shotgun and Greensboro roads
to bleed his brain
(not so different)
to John Roberts stabbing
the Voting Rights Act with his Montblanc JFK Special
got the KKK's main man in the white house
the pop pop pop of post-event
(noise pollution is missing)
is not bothered
is letting leaves
rest in peace
(yellow, red and disease)
meaning maybe
our dog returns with nine ticks in her face
and the gun range is still silent
as if the citizens
kick-started it into a place
for rain jazz and meadow surgery
New Plymouth
New Ice Cube
New Eric Dolphy

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