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Poem: STOP!


Last Updated: 08/13/2013 3:30 pm
slow down
let me think!
let me stop growing
just for a bit.

put time in a standstill
and let us rest.

don’t you know
what its like
to be on the brink?

brink of age
brink of love
brink of magic
brink of the cliff.

I’m afraid that soon
life won’t be what I know
because you thought I was old enough to bear it.

I still want a small part of space left
for watching the sun rise
a flower bloom
an endless life breath.

to hear the last trill
of a note
before rushing out of the concert hall…

to look at one painting
soak up all the colors
all the brushstrokes…

not just to sweep my eyes quickly over the entire gallery
and go on to the next room.

I think you might understand what I mean—
let us have a bit of quiet, please.

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