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Poem: Please Don't Be:



Please Don't Be:

i am unsure of this weather if only there were something beautiful before it is gone is there snow on the ground where you are everything is loss but this is just a house of ghosts. don't your scars itch don't you want to be known, don't you ever go looking for bodies in the snow so you can dress them in warm clothes. i am inconsolable, i want to know the beautiful thing even as i lose it. aren't we all dying soon, give me real words tell me what i don't want to hear is that love there buried in the snow?

i would lie down upon the chapel floor in a moonlit hour until the angels summon me up shortly before they flew off into the waking night singing in a confusion of what are you in your being and i'd say i'd like to love someone or someplace or something until i am gone and they'd say well truly that is a ruining thing and there is no longer purgatory, a worse hell or deeper heaven. and ourselves we were held in everlasting light.

you were the last creature that i have seen that i understand and know, of course i will act as though i were in love with you though indeed i am not. i have a special care for your entirety. and an impossible need to cry.

where is the light of you

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