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Poem: One with Nature



I am like a bird.
I use my wings to soar as high as I can
To reach for the stars.
I am like a bird.
I tweet my own story within my own song
For others to hear.
I am like a bird.
I fight through obstacles no matter how hard.
My feathers are like my brown skin that makes me unique
And their beauty is what makes me stand out.
Every day people hear my chirps,
But I’m not the only bird that talks.
I may have a small voice,
But I can still make a big impact.

I am like a stratocumulus cloud,
My own unique form.
Each day, I shape into something new.
I am free to float wherever I want,
Where the wind guides me,
Much like I am free to follow my own dreams
To wherever the future takes me.

I am like a leaf
Because there are many other like me,
But not exactly identical.
I am guided by my dreams,
Like leaves are guided by the wind.
The breeze blows me in one direction,
But sometimes I get blown the other way.
Sooner or later I will fall to the ground
And that is where fate will choose me.
But one day a new leaf will be born and will replace me,
Ready to start over,
And so leaves never stop growing,
Like I never stop achieving.

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