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Poem: Oh Em Gee


diary, day ten
body bubble blow, my squeak
my sigh and tongue tip out to
where’s the
her breast, my ribs, my middle
grown-up finger-tips cradle
my tears, tummy wide my stretch, my curves
my lips’ muscles search,
my feet unfolding
my mommy-daddy faces hovering
inhaling just near,
quiet my arms,
enwrapping all
cuddled in cloth, roundly, soft,
my body’s mouselike squeal,
then i sigh my tongue to nipple to swallow,
my mommy and daddy loving
lingering, un-wobble my head
with my fingers, i grab, i grope
yes I find my milk,
my mommy, mommy, I’m
mouthing milk,
so sweet.
diary, month ten
they fly me giggling
and hug me high,
or struggle my arms
in my sleeves, my stroller, my
cotton, my toys, i
saliva play,
then i look away?
i cry.
Here, here, There, there
Mommy, Daddy,
are their names, and they
say there, there, hush, sweet one.
Well, diary, one day,
Mom ’n’ Dad—Hey—you
did help, or tried, with my tricycle, my tears,
my bike, the cap and gown,
my fears.
So, you know, gotta go. I’ll text you

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