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Poem: Monty VII



I thought of you the other night

just before my eyes went heavy

around the edges, before my breath

shallowed into its muscular

un-having, until the window

was the shape of your body

and your body was the shape

of every object in the room

this isn't about your body

as much as your body's inner lining

all light and unexplored psychic rivers

water from water forking into itself

two bodies speaking a third

how do I say something other than

love, other than cliché,

like if I didn't know you

& we passed as strangers in the night

you would find me out

place me into your hand like a talisman

and search for my engraving

"to whom it may concern"

you move in me like rearranged molecules

magnetized against the sun

and the sum of this, the overflow

is that I don't have enough room

for your shadows at this time of night

that my eyelids can't adjust

that my heart can't take it,

and then something like sleep.

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