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Poem: Memorial Day Train (of) Thoughts



stop thinking about it
my smile forces the sky agape
     my fingers m o u s e around yours
I want to caper with ghosts ; they seem to be
  circling you
                                (do you want to walk?)
                                 I want to chase you
Monday is wearing its Sunday best
the babysitters are sprawled across rooftops sipping beer
and the parents are here with us
   all plastic forks and gold watches—bellies and egos full
       i watch the man with rusted eyes and calloused fingers
       smoke a cigarette—only the filter
love makes you desperate
                                       see: resourceful
he seems to be having more fun than we are
every day is memorial day for him, at least
                                (is that what you'll tell your kids?)
   I just want to eat snow cones and hold your hand
                                   there's no poetry there, sorry.
There are no pools in the hotels guarding central park, either
   maybe the plaza / to be wealthy, well...
                                       I don't want to love more
                             equal or lesser value
    (I thought we were in come-down love)
i don't want to tell you that love is the come-down
         stop thinking about it

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