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Poem: In Twos


In Twos

To breathe is to negotiate
with self, with superfluities.

Tailings turned into napalm. You lit it, and
wondered, why I burned that easily?

Verisimilitude is ok.
Who wants all the truth?

I buzz a buddy: high-up on corporate hire, has he
heard his boss cut one? We laugh like we used to.

The sky roars, earth accepts:
those at lower end sharpen us.

Media maven: queue of those at your festival
indicates the qualia of your opinion.

Let yardsticks not be so severe, it's impossible to locate
subjects, faultlessness is akin to permanence here.

If prominence via slush pile is the aim
Heisman will be a part of your experience.

—Sanjeev Sethi

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