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Poem: How To Write A Poem


I skip up to my mind and plead
“I’d like to write a poem, please!”
But she just cackles and shakes her head
“Come back later, when you’d rather be dead!”

I jump back and gasp, confused as can be
“Why would you say that? Aren’t you…me?”
She thinks for a moment, she speaks back again
“Your happiness bores me. See you later then!”

I run forward and grab her, I shake her around
“You’re in the wrong mind! I’ll wrestle you to the ground!”
Now she’s screaming and weeping and stumbling about
“You’ve really lost your mind! You’re crazy, get out!”

I cry out in hysterics, words are spilling from my mouth
“Why are you always the one who lets everything go south?”
She brushes off and stands her ground in the same old place
“I’m the brains, I’m the boss. Stop screaming in my face.”

I sink down, defeated; I don’t know what to do
“Most people have a normal brain. Why did I get you?”
She sits by my side and smiles; she says her work is done
“You asked to write a poem. Look, you just wrote one!”

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