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Poem: Erato Speaking Directly


Last Updated: 08/07/2013 4:32 pm
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For once in your life.
Put the pen point to the paper
And do not lift, erase, white or
Cross out a single word.
Do not call it yours.
Repress the desire to control
Either language, image, syntax or
Muse or ponder perhaps for a moment,
Marvel at placement but
Ask questions later.
Sit still in your chair unless
To jump for joy.
You may learn something yet.
Yes, let go of the need to control,
The need to order, lest chaos or
Your fear of it, reign supreme.
What smooth sailing when leaving
Yourself in the backseat,
Marveling at the semiotic journey whose
Trust in the strange glue
Keeps the foot soldiers that words are
Forming a straight line as they march
Toward meaning’s mystery.
Stay enough on your toes to recognize
When poem has crossed somewhere
Over the rainbow, leaving its last line
Jumping for joy.

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