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Poem: Corrections


Because I was too lazy to look
it up in the dictionary,
a word in the poem I wrote
on October third was spelled incorrectly.
I am sorry.
The word is anecdote.

A poem I wrote in April
about Shakespeare’s “King Lear”
is based on a premise totally false.
I feel like such a fool.
Please ignore the error.

Two years ago I wrote a poem
about walking on the road at night.
I’m sorry to say I misidentified a star.
Accept my apology, please.
The star is Polaris, not Betelgeuse.

In a poem entitled “Going to School,”
the comma in the sixth line
of the fourth stanza is out of place.
Forgive my ignorance.
It should be after “golden rule.”

I suppose you noticed the word “saliva”
in my poem about the flowers in my garden.
Yeah, you’re right.
It should be “salvia.”
Damn careless of me.
Sorry. Mea
culpa. What a mess.

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