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Poem: Changed


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You changed how I saw the sky.
It used to be this dim lit ceiling
demanding too much attention
which I was unable to give.

You would call,
your eyes wet and blurring—
you've always had an appetite for the ocean.
You'd try to control the waves,
curving as they did.

Your whole being, a seashell.
I thought, maybe, if I held you
close enough, I would have heard
the waves calling you home.

Like stars that make up constellations,
we were never as close as we thought.
You made my rib cage hold onto a graveyard
of all the words and
all the things I never had
the courage to say or do.

You are the moon.
And your light, casting on the wall of my room
forms shadows, and
I cannot tell if they are monsters or a noose of my own creation.
Either way,
I allow them to swallow me whole.

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