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Poem: Bedtime, Age 3.5


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Bedtime, Age 3.5

What is a wake?
When you are dead, what is a wake?
(It's a time for people to say goodbye)
Will you be at my wake when I die?
Before they bury me and the worms crawl
all over my body
Because I will decompose to go back into the earth
(No, I won't be at your wake when you die,
because since you will be ancient when you die,
I will be even more ancient,
and I will already be dead)
Well, you might still be there
Like a piece of dust, or a cloud, you might be there
(That's true. I am always all around you)
Do you remember me before I was born?
When I was a star?
Will I become a star again after I decompose?
Do all ancient things become stars?
(Yes, yes, yes, yes, but you have to sleep now,
rest your whole body, even your mouth)
But, my mouth...
My mouth is so full of questions


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