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Poem: And Along Came Inundation


and the rains and deluge began
and a creekside house floated
and debris broke from the house
and the debris clogged the drainage ditch
and the creek rose up
and it flowed into our house without a basement
and the slippers started floating
and the filed papers were ruined
and we got a few things and evacuated
and I went back in to get some forgotten thing and the water rose higher
and my knees were soaked
and the week went on
and the water receded
and the mud was settled and layered over everything
and the neighbors and children helped
and we carried everything out
and we carried it back in
and we scraped and we swept and we brushed and we mopped
and we came back to stay in the house
and we washed the mold on the walls
and he replaced the ceiling tiles
and we replaced the drowned stove

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