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Poem: A Perfect Match


She was sitting, circumspect and demure

Flanked by her relatives.

The boy on the sofa opposite her, too flanked by his cousins

Side glanced at her occasionally

Trying to make up his mind.

A well educated girl, she

Was perplexed at this circus of a get-together.

How can two strangers

Be one for the whole life, she thought.

She also cast a quick look at the boy.

Her mother’s words echoed in her mind.

“Marriage is all about adjustment and sacrifice

The more you assert your individuality

The more inflated your ego becomes

Inflated egos lead to divorce.”

She was trying to fathom the hidden truth in this advice

When she was told to serve tea to the guests

(to test her skill at serving things)

Then she was asked various questions by the boy’s relatives

(to make sure that she could hear and speak)

After some time, the boy and girl were told to sit separately.

A marked improvement, an effect of modern times, she chuckled.

She forced her lips to converse with the strange youth.

He also was nervous and cautious.

At least, an element of surprise is here, she felt titillated.

Soon after, as expected, they returned to their respective places.

Both of them faced the questioning eyes of their respective relatives.

She smirked unpleasantly at the irony of the situation.

We are just pawns in this important decision of our lives.

After about an hour, it was all over.

The guests departed, leaving behind an assurance of a phone call.

Her fate was pending once again.

Her parents once again wore a smug smile.

The guests were happy with our hospitality

This will be a perfect match, they said.


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