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Poem: A kitchen made of split-pea soup


Nobody still quite understands what she was thinking
when she chose that color swatch of green. It makes
no sense to paint an entire kitchen, including the
refrigerator, this putrid shade of split-pea soup that
had been sitting out for a week or so. Imagine what
that does to a person early in the morning, barely
making it to the coffee pot, to be attacked by that
lovely shade of green, perfectly offsetting the shade
of sea-foam just past the kitchen door. Nannie plans
to dress it up, though. She will hang handmade needlework over the breakfast table. She will bejewel the
refrigerator with magnets from every vacation spot
she and Paw-Paw have visited with his old war buddies.
She will hang a border of bluebird wallpaper just over
the cabinets. Hopefully, no body will ever really notice
the split-pea stained walls.

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