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Poem: 5771


Last Updated: 08/07/2013 7:35 pm
Dear Non Deity
Who is nonetheless unfamiliar
And familiar both
Open receptive
Not even a little mundane
Dear I don’t like
The word spirit
Do you? It’s too
Much like spirit
And those too sweet
Native American
clove cigarettes.
Dear what word
can we use
That will make us
happy enough
Dear Wily Cantalopes
Dear Unknown Centers
As well as Edges
Dear I have a soft spot for Tillie
Dear Tillie
we always need one all of us do
New Year ok I have no choice
but to ask for help
without beseeching
pleading help for life that is not more
but less. chaotic. frantic.
seeking. looking.
This year
we will all have another chance
another opportunity more
days to imagine less.
365 more days give or take
a few to pay attention
to walk more slowly
to try less hard
to learn what kindness means
to say I love you.

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