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Podcast Episode 39: The Wisdom to Survive Screens in Rosendale


Last Updated: 12/03/2013 4:16 pm
A still from "The Wisdom to Survive"
  • A still from "The Wisdom to Survive"

“You can’t talk about it. Mainstream society doesn’t want to hear about our sorrow for life on Earth.” Author Joanna Macy’s voice delivers the message of Anne Macksoud and John Ankele's documentary The Wisdom to Survive: Climate Change, Capitalism and Community. Filmmaker John Ankele talks with Brian K. Mahoney in this podcast about his background in the civil rights and liberation theology movements, climate change science and spirituality, and why he remains optimistic about the future.

The Wisdom to Surviveasks: What is keeping us from action to forestall climate change? In discussions with thought leaders and activists, The Wisdom to Survive explores how unlimited growth lies behind climate disruption, and is devastating our planet’s life support system, our social fabric, and the lives of billions of people. The film features Bill McKibbin (350.org), author Joanna Macy, whale scientist Roger Payne, Herschelle Milford (Surplus People Project), Quincy Saul (Ecosocialist Horizons), and more. They provide insights, answers, and hope. What becomes clear is, we already have the tools we need to change our economy and lifestyle. Our attention must focus on taking action and building community.

The documentary makes its New York State premiere on Wednesday, December 4, at 7:15 pm at the Rosendale Theatre. Filmmakers Anne Macksoud and John Ankele will do a Q&A session after the screening. To learn more about The Wisdom to Survive and Ankele and Macksoud's other films, visit Old Dog Productions.

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