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Podcast Episode 16: Greg Olear and Janet Steen


Greg Olear, founder and editor of The Weeklings.
  • Roy Gumpel
  • Greg Olear, founder and editor of The Weeklings.

How has the internet changed the world of journalism? How do you make a living as a writer in the age of the blogosphere? How do you make changes to a seemingly impenetrable, amorphous system?

The Weeklings, an online arts and culture publication based out of the Hudson Valley, have responded to these questions in interesting ways. Their model is to publish well-crafted essays once a day, every day, so that there are 365 essays published a year. Greg Olear and Janet Steen, two of the publication's editors, join the show to discuss The Weeklings genesis, the changing landscape of writing and publishing, the continued importance of well-crafted, thought-provoking journalism, and their new manifesto, which seeks to split revenue with all of their contributors.

The Weeklings identifies itself as "a socialist collective," and explains its manifesto as such: "All net proceeds generated by the site—that is, gross revenue minus expenses—are divided into equal shares and paid to our contributors. We published an anthology, The Weeklings: Revolution #1, to generate more funds for our writers."

Listen in to hear more about The Weeklings, and their contribution to the changing world of journalism.

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