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Transit of Venus: Embracing the Solar Feminine



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The 1882 transit was visible throughout US for almost the whole event. Amateur astronomers set up telescopes in parks and on sidewalks of New York City, collecting dimes from those who wished to look. In Meriden, Connecticut, a fire alarm bell was rung when it started, and people went to a local man's house where he'd set up seven telescopes so people could look. Some 6,000 people observed the transit form that yard.

That takes us up to the 2004 transit, the most recent one. For the first time, we were able to observe the transit from space, with much vaster knowledge of Venus and the solar system. Not only could the general public observe, but hundreds of amateur astronomers could produce their own stunning photographs (some appear with this article). For the 2012 event, many more people will be aware of what is happening, and due to that knowledge, and the availability of inexpensive viewing equipment, this will be the most-viewed Venus transit of the Sun in history. 

There is something in this rare event that's about the exponential expansion of awareness. If (at lest from an astrological viewpoint) we understand that awareness to involve the balancing of male and female energies, we can cooperate spreading that energy in an exponential way.

There is one other beautiful message from this event that I picked up while researching the chart for the Venus transit. I cast the cart with 1,000 asteroids and newly-discovered bodies, and noticed that there is a minor planet precisely conjunct both Venus and the Sun when the transit happens. It won't be visible—but it will be there. The planet, really an asteroid, is called Sulamitis. It's a fast-mover (less-than-four-year orbit) so its presence is something to take note of.

I did a little research and discovered that Sulamitis is the female character in the Song of Songs of Solomon, a book from the Bible that stands out in that it's not about laying down the law or describing the anguish of some tribe. Rather, it's a passionate love poem presented as a dialog between a man and a woman.

The story has many twists and turns, but ultimately its theme is devotion and what it means to be in love, with a comment on how authentic balance between male and female energy feels. With this event happening in Gemini, the first place to seek and find that balance is inside ourselves. I could not think of a more beautiful visitor than Sulamitis to stand guard over this rare event, at this vital opportunity for rebalancing our hearts, souls and our relationship to the Earth.

Additional research: Amanda Painter

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