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Planet Waves Weekly, November 5 Edition


Last Updated: 08/13/2013 4:33 pm
A wave of energy through Scorpio is likely to bring secrets to light. You will discover them yourself first, then the next step will be to tell others. Make sure you confide in someone who you know cares about you. The kinds of personal revelations that are possible will come from a deep sense of vulnerability. Feeling positive about yourself will require a careful balancing act.

A setup involving the Sun, Mercury and a small, meaningful planet called Nessus suggest we need to be careful not to inflict our parents’ judgments onto ourselves. There’s also a reminder not to make small matters into big ones; that is, to focus on what is truly meaningful rather than what is trivial or gossipy.

It's also a reminder that our words, once spoken, leave our lips and we can no longer control them. Therefore, be gentle in your speech, no matter now right you may feel. Understate your case. People will trust you more if you do. Mercury square Nessus also says, own your stuff; take responsibility for your pain; don't put it on others. Once you do that, you may find that the people close to you are eminently willing to be supportive in ways you hadn’t imagined possible.

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