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Planes, Trains, and Automobiles: An Unlikely Photo by Larry Arvidson


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Untitled, Larry Arvidson, August 13, 2017.
  • Untitled, Larry Arvidson, August 13, 2017.

On a lazy summer afternoon in 2010, Larry Arvidson was out on the Hudson River in his sailboat just south of the Kingston-Rhinecliff Bridge. He was startled by a low-flying plane that preceded to buzz his boat multiple times before continuing north, flying under the bridge. (Planes are not allowed to fly under bridges.) The aircraft was a Consolidated PBY Catalina, a distinctive-looking seaplane widely used in WWII. Arvidson notified the Albany office of the Federal Aviation Administration about the reckless flyer in the historic plane via email.

The FAA replied that unless he had photographic evidence, Arvidson shouldn't bother them with strange stories of antique aircraft zooming under bridges.

So Arvidson, an amateur photographer, started bringing his Olympus sailing with him. Fast-forward seven years. A bright summer day just off the Rhinecliff waterfront. Arvidson notices a homemade ultralight aircraft cruising low over the water. There's also a motorboat zipping past. And a train pulling out of the Rhinecliff train station. A serendipitous convergence of modern transportation modes. Arvidson pulls out his Olympus and waits until everything's in frame and presto, an improbable shot. Arvidson claims no credit. "It was total luck," he says.

—Brian K. Mahoney

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