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This can be one of the most productive times in your life. You have many options. You have tremendous freedom, in part because you've invested so much in mastering your skills—though freedom is also an invitation to choose carefully. Best of all, your energy is running strong and solid, and all you need to do is maintain yourself with basic movement, good food, water, and as much sunlight as possible and you will remain in good spirits. With Jupiter in Leo, your sixth house of service and wellbeing, the two go together. There may have been times when you've resented how much you offer to the world, and you've noticed how little a great many people offer back, to anyone. Now that has been flipped on its head. You are the example of what is possible, and you are an inspiration to many people who might not believe it otherwise. You don't need to say much about this, unless you have an appropriate occasion. In offering yourself, you improve your life and the lives of others. Yet you also do something on the meta level, which is to demonstrate that this is a viable way of life for many who want nothing more than to offer themselves in some way. Meanwhile, I would remind you again: choose what you want to do the most, and make sure you include that in your business plan.

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