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(February 19-March 20)


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Old friends will get you far this year, and they will be happy to hear from you. I suggest you look up everyone in your life who you consider to have been a positive influence, and even a few people who you think were a little dodgy, and see where they are at today. This will provide a point of grounding and orientation in what promises to be a truly extraordinary time in your life, especially where your mission is concerned. You are someone with a mission, and you are imaginative enough to dream it into reality. At the moment, your dream machine is running at full strength. You've never been someone who has done things just for business. You always act with a creative, social, or spiritual purpose, which you then extend into your professional affairs. Some call this "right livelihood." I would call it being aligned with your purpose, and then extending that into your personal relationships, your community, and the world. It just happens that business is an excellent vehicle to conduct this kind of energy, and conditions are favorable to get the vibes rippling out into the world. You're about to find out how much you have done right, how much you have left to accomplish, and that you possess the determination and talent to make it happen in high style.


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